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Butanding Festival

I don't know if the festival is for the whale sharks or for the people. When I heard of this, I thought, "This must be the time when the whale sharks come near the shore and be with people." I guess it must be because during the time we went to Donsol, there were so many Butandings in the vicinity. But then again, festivals are best celebrated by people, with all the partying and the attractions. We couldn't have come at a such perfect timing as we did, because at that time, the local town folks were celebrating the Butanding Festival. There were games and stalls put up at the town plaza all night long. What's more, music continually played till the wee hours of the morning. People were in the streets talking with each other and having fun. Some were just there to see what was happening or to watch who the visitors were. Well, we played some games that could be found in fairs and enjoyed it even when we lost some coins along the way.

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