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Snorkeling in Koh Chang

Our hotel arranged this snorkeling tour for us for 300 baht. That included transportation to the beach, where the boat was waiting for us, snorkel and fishing gear, and drinks on the boat. There were about a dozen people on the boat with us. The boat had an awning that provided some nice shade.

The snorkeling was okay; I prefer diving, but two of my friends are not certified, and we wanted to stick together. The first location had some fish and a lot of really large and colorful clams. The second location was better, since it had many more fish, colorful anemones, and coral. Even though it was January, the water was quite warm.

They took us fishing for our third stop. Some people caught fish. I did not and spent my time talking with a couple of girls from England who had decided to escape from a volunteer stint with a Thai turtle conservation group. They did not recommend it at all.

The boat staff was nice and helpful, but they did not seem to speak very much English, though this did not seem to bother anyone. My only problem was that they never told us how long we were going to stay at any given location, nor did they tell us how far we could go out. At the first stop, my friends and I were the last out of the water. No one seemed upset, but I was left wondering how long they had been waiting for us. So unless you know how long your boat will be staying at a location, I suggest you check for the boat every few minutes. In all, it wasn’t a bad three-hour trip, especially considering that it cost us less than $10.

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