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Whirlwind tour of Paris in 4 days

Fountain in La Concorde  Photo, Paris, France

We had just 4 full days to spend in Paris. I had drawn a careful plan of the best places to see and the order in which we could see them. We managed to see most of the Paris sights, though we were not able to really spend too much time in any one place.

We bought the 3-day museum pass and the 5-day metro pass. The metro was confusing at first, and we took quite a few wrong trains. Climbing out of a metro station into an open street with no trace of the activity underground was a little unsettling. Added to it was our not-so-good sense of direction and slightly confusing directions for first timers, but we soon mastered it and were cruising along like pros.

Day 1: The Louvre was our first major visit. We spent the whole day there, but still saw through only about half its collection. We strolled over to the Eiffle Tower in the evening. It has always looked picturesque, but standing underneath it, you marvel not at the beauty, but at the engineering that went into building it.

Day 2:

The next day, we overcame all sorts of train confusion to visit the Chateau D'Versailles. Only there could I really understand the extent of the frustration of the French people against their king and queen. The palace reeks of decadent luxury, and that Lois was one vain person. The only disappointment was that the Hall of Mirrors was being renovated, so we could only see a double room of mirrors, rather than the hall, but what little we saw was enough to make us hold our breath. Huge mirrors adorn the walls with great crystal chandeliers dropping from the ceiling. The beautiful paintings on the ceiling gave our necks quite a strain. There is a large, planned garden just outside.

On our return, we nipped over to the Musey D'Orsay to catch the impressionists and went over to the Notre dame Cathedral to climb up the bell tower of the fictional Quasimodo. Apart from the views over Paris, Notre dame is brilliantly Gothic on the inside and has detailed carvings on the outside. The quaint little streets off Notre dame offered souvenir shopping.

Day 3 & 4:

Our third day had us visiting La Concorde Des Invalides, taking a cruise on the river and climbing the Arc De Triumph. We visited the George Pompidou center for modern art; unfortunately, we did not understand any of the art on display and kept giggling away all the time. The last evening of our stay, we dined in one of the quaint cafes on Champs Elyess and rolled on the grass under the Eiffel Tower.

There were still many places that I wanted to visit. Unfortunately, four days wasn't just enough for it all.

I would definitely recommend more than four days for this wonderful city, but if time's not on your side, then a whirlwind tour is great

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