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Kökar - a distinctive island

It's pronounced Chirke with the final e almost silent, and numerous people commented on how well we had done to select it for a stop -- good guidebooks were more to the point. It combines natural and manmade attractions.

The rocks just a short way inland that were obviously once cliffs on the coast are particularly attractive and would lend themselves to some climbing -- good routes for both beginners and intermediate climbers and great fun by the look of it. The trees and flowers seemed quite as attractive as anywhere in Åland.

Apparently there is a significant Bronze Age settlement on the island, but we were only there for a night, and it requires a vehicle to see much of it. Bikes can be hired easily and cheaply as in Åland generally.

You don't need a bike to get to the church -- just follow the only road from the ferry quay and turn right after a couple of kilometres at the first real road junction.

The church itself is great, medieval with two model ships hanging in it and with a detached bell tower. Just near it there are a number of remains of which the most interesting are those of a 13 or 14th century Franciscan Chapel -- with a large edifice built over them housing relevant photos and artifacts.

There are smaller islands in the group, and a boat trip around them is supposed to be a real treat. I don't doubt it!

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