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Bus trip to Ensanada, Mexico

This chartered bus trip takes you down the scenic Toll Highway 1-D in Mexico to the port city of Ensanada. Included in the fare is your transportation and two meals.

We crossed the border in early morning and had brunch at the Calafia restaurant near Rosarito Beach. From there we went on to Ensanada, where we had the option of getting off to shop, or continuing on the bus to La Bufadora, a spectacular (so I'm told) blowhole on the ocean further south. I got off at Ensanada.

We all gathered later for dinner at Casamar Restaurant in Ensanada. The food was all-around excellent. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Mexican culture. Her knowledge, and the experience of going to Mexico if you've never been (without the long waits at the border), together with the food make this trip a no-brainer. DO IT!

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