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The Dingle Peninsula

The Dingle Peninsula Photo, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

When my friend first suggested this day trip, I was a little hesitant. After all, it would be a three-hour drive there, and then a three-hour ride back to where we were staying in Doolin. (See entry under County Clare) However, when we arrived at the base of the penninsula, my heart nearly stopped. In front of me was a view that if I had pictured what Ireland would look like, this was that picture come to life.

To the left, there were rolling mountains, to the right, the water, and in front, the greenest rolling hills I've ever seen, separated by stone walls, with sheep grazing and cattle mooing.

ucky for us, there was a pull off along the side of the road so we could capture the view on camera - though it would never do it justice.

There's a road that will take you the whole way around the penninsula, but since we were short on time, we took the direct route to Dingle Town. There, you'll find another little harbor town, with brightly painted buildings and friendly folks to welcome you.

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