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Other sights of Beckov

Hrad Beckov in color. Photo, Beckov, Slovakia

Beckov is a small town with a rich history. There are other sights that deserve recognition in this journal that you can see on your visit to Beckov.

1. The Church of King Stephen the Saint. This Catholic Church dates from the early 15th Century and was built in the Gothic Style. For a while in the 17th Century, this church belonged to the Protestants during the Reformation. Since 1424, this church has gone under many transformations and renovations and its present look is in the Renaissance and Late-Gothic style of Architecture.

2. Beckov's Manor Houses. These manor houses are in the main square below the castle and date from the Baroque and Classical periods. Built mostly after 1600, these kurias (manor houses) were one-family residences but were built right next to each other in a U-Shaped part of the square. There are about 21 manor houses altogether scattered throughout Beckov.

3. The Renaissance Inn is located below the castle and dates from the Renaissance Period as a roadside inn. It has a passageway and was remodelled from the 18th and 19th Centuries.

The town of Beckov is one of Slovakia's well-preserved and hidden treasures that is not to be missed.

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