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Enjoy Longboat Key w/out spending money

sailboat Photo, Longboat Key, Florida

There are several "attractions" that I have been to before when in the area last, but this time I elected to go the freebie way. If you don’t want to spend money you can have a good time if you are staying at this condo. Here are some suggestions:

Swim and/or just enjoy the pool area: The pool is quite large for the amount of condos for this resort. Not once was there a crowd in the pool (of course the weather was not the greatest). There are a fair number of lounges and there are multiple "areas" so you could get away from the crowd.

Walk along the ocean (too cold for me to swim): I went in both directions and after walking about 1 ½ miles one-way, I turned back. It seemed you could walk forever. Of course there were shells along the beach so if you are into finding shells to bring home you will have a good time. The beach also had many lounge chairs and cabanas for your use.
Take out one of the sailboats: Quite frankly I have NEVER before stayed at a place where the boats are free so this was quite a surprise.

Walk, bike, and/or jog along the wide sidewalks that run along the entire bayside of the highway. On one of my walks, I found Longboat's sanctuary and also saw a very unusual tree with a vine that looked like a sculpture imprinted on the tree.
Play tennis at one of the two tennis courts: the two courts were separated so you did not have to worry about interruptions if two matches were being played at the same time. In addition the fences were fairly high so not once did a ball sail out. The sun wasn’t out too much while I was there, but I think the vines covering the fences would help in blocking some of the sun (and wind)
Walk to the many marinas along the bay and enjoy the beautiful boats: It was fascinating to see such large boats.

Watch the sunset from your balcony: I watched it several times and took pictures once (but the pictures didn’t turn out that well). But the sunset was very beautiful to watch.

Workout in the health club: I went to the club every day. The two treadmills (brand name of True) were the BEST treadmills I have ever used. Not only were the belts smooth to run on, the multiple displays (of distance, pace, time, heart rate) were wonderful. There were also two "True" recumbent bikes which were very smooth to pedal. There was also an elliptical trainer but I only used that piece of equipment for a short time. Other items included: light free weights (rather than heavy ones for guys only); a universal machine (which was not adequate for leg strength training), sauna, other equipment, and a scale (so I could monitor my weight).

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