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St. Emilion

St. Emilion Photo, Bordeaux, France

If you long for a quaint village with history, good taste and a place to take wonderful photos, St. Emilion is an outstanding choice. A worthy pilgrimage for lovers of fine Bordeaux wine, I've yet to have a poor bottle of St. Emilion and its crafters rank among the world's very best.

The village itself is accustomed to tourists, but we didn't feel it detracted from the authenticity of its ancient and lovingly restored streets and buildings. There is a wealth of educational information available for those who care to take guided tours in the heart of the village and you will learn the story of its patron Saint. For engineering types, check out the chapel restoration project -- it's quite an undertaking and you can see the work in progress.

There are many wonderful places to eat -- just reading the menus outside the doors while searching for lunch is entertainment in itself. Well-tended vineyards cover the region and we were fortunate to visit one in Fronsac which can't be named here because they don't actually offer tours. Happily for us, the woman of the chateau graciously showed us the operation from top to bottom and then took an hour in the tasting room with us. We took a case of her marvelous product which, unfortunately, is not available in the U.S. since the label lacks a negotiante here. I plead guilty to having hidden what may be the very last bottle on the North American continent. St. Emilion is well worth the good part of a day that you can spend there. Afterward, you will have memories of this charming village every time you read a wine label that takes you back to its wonderful source.

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