Panajachel Stories and Tips


Pana is a good place to use as a base for exploring the nearby area. Chichicastenango, a nearby town, is home to Guatemalas most colorful and well-known market. Thursday and Sunday are the main days. The market was just once a normal rural market selling daily goods. But now the market has become a tourist shopper’s dream or nightmare. The market has become as much a tourist market as a local market now. All the souvenirs you could want can be purchased here. Tourist shuttle buses line the streets on Thursdays and Sundays, as do the tourists. The market is still worth a visit even if you aren’t a tourist attraction person. As the local color is impressive.

An alternative to the market at Chici is the market at Solola on Fridays. It is as impressive for local color. The main difference is that the market at Solola remains to sell locally needed goods. There isn't much tourist orientated stuff. Chichicastenango is an 11/2 hours from Pana. It is easy enough to visit Chici by public transport or you can organize mini bus transport in Pana for about $8US return which is good value, if you don’t want to deal with the local buses. Solola is only a 30 min ride from Pana. Taking the public bus is best. If you have time, both markets are worth visiting. It gives you a chance to see both good and bad aspects of what tourism brings to a town.

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