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Snoek Braai

Snoek Braai in Kleinmond Photo, Western Cape, South Africa

When being in South Africa, try if you can join a genuine South African 'Braai'. A ...what? A Braai, the South African version of a BBQ.

A South African braai is better than any form of cooking-meat-or-fish-on-a-fire-and-grid I experienced anywhere in the world. Braaiing in South Africa is almost considered as an art, and therefore South Africans tend to take braaiing very seriously.
This means, if you are invited for a braai: Leave the grid alone, don't touch the meat unless you are asked to do so and let the South Africans do the job. Don't interrupt the braai process with ' Maybe you should...'. It will, simply, nopt work.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy.

Anyway. There are many things South Africans braai. Snoek for instance; a long, bony barracuda like fish. This creature is mainly eaten in Cape Town and the Western Cape, either pickled, in curries, as a pâté or ... on the braai!

The ultimate recipe for a Snoek Braai:

1 Snoek ( 1 fish per six pers will do)
1 tin of apricot jam

Rub the Snoek with apricot jam, garlic, salt and pepper and braai the fish for 30 minutes.

Enjoy! (And watch the bones)

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