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Salvadorean Meals

Salvadorean food is very good and different from the food of other Central American countries. We did not eat in a restaurant while in El Salvador. Most of our meals were prepared by our hosts at the church where we stayed. Pupusas, El Salvador's national dish, are eaten at almost every meal. Pupusas are thick tortillas filled with cheese, beans, pork, or other things. They are sometimes eaten with a tomato sauce. Most people eat vegetables and beef when available. As in most Latin American countries, beans are eaten with almost every meal. Breakfast sometimes consists of eggs, beans, tortillas, and fruit, but usually is only bread and fruit. Lunch was usually light--sandwiches or pupusas. Dinner was always our main meal and was always very filling. As always when traveling, be careful only to drink purified water. Also be careful when eating fruits and vegetables that have been washed with the local water. The water is not dirty, but not being used to it might make you sick. I was lucky not to get sick, because I took a chance eating fruits and salads while I was there. The best experience is finding where the locals go to eat and getting away from the tourist places. The food is often better, and the experience is priceless.

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