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Chicago, Illinois

About Me: I love to travel! My job requires about 99% travel and I try to travel all the remaining time. So far been to over 20 other countries and lived and worked in three. ***Well after one day of ratings now I understand how this thing works. I need more content! I'll be adding a lot of new entries and revising my existing entries, BUT this takes time! So in the meantime if you have any questions on my existing entries please send me a message and look for my new entries sometime in the near future.

Trip Journals by midwst

Name Destination Date Created
Living in the Former Soviet Union Kiev, Ukraine September 13, 2002
Jewel in Center of Europe Prague, Czech Republic September 13, 2002
The Third Coast Chicago, Illinois September 12, 2002
Central Asia Opportunity Tashkent, Uzbekistan September 12, 2002

Reviews by midwst

Name Destination Date Written
The Old Town Warsaw, Poland September 12, 2002
Lazienki Park Warsaw, Poland September 12, 2002
Hyatt Regency Warsaw Warsaw, Poland September 12, 2002

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I love to travel to...
Prague, Paris, Honolulu, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro
It's my dream to travel to...
Buenos Aires, Havana, Barcelona, Cape Town, Krakow