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Kineta, Greece

My most favorite travel was in NORGE - NORWAY where i got the chanch to see also my favorite physical phenomenon of the Nothern Light and where the night never comes when it's the season of summer or winter - 3 months from each of these seasons. When i saw it i really said that life is incredible to live it but the way that you want. It was an awsome experience that is going to remain unforgetable as far as i live and i'm planning to get there
again because Norway is full of hidden treasures and i want to discover them all.

About Me: I am a 52 year woman and recently divorced but of course my age is not obvious - i never cared about it - because
i used and i 'm getting a fullfilled life as i wanted to. Now i had the chance - since i 'm a psychologist and i have a lot
of studies completed in my life - i love the way that i'm living now and if one has his life as he-she wants to live it then the age is never a problem for him or her. I'm used to look forward and never backward because life goes on and needs optimism and to be darefull never fearful but fearles, for me that's its secret and that's my first principle.
If anybody is optimistit never to be afraid of anything and that's me, i'm going on with all the pros and cons of life.
Shortly, that's my profile and i love to have new friends new persons in my life who probably have the same oppinions or position towards life. If you want it come to be my friends from all over the world and if my camera is not going to give me other troubles then i'll add also my picture. Promise me first that you aren't going to be afraid of my "wonderful" but marvelous face that i have. That's all about me.

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Name Destination Date Written
MILLENIUM CLOUCESTER HOTEL London, England November 13, 2010
MENZIES BELFORD HOTEL Edinburgh, Scotland November 13, 2010
WHY I PREFERED THE MENZIES HOTELS Scotland, United Kingdom October 31, 2010
EDINBURG - THE CRYSTAL HERITAGE CENTER Edinburgh, Scotland October 06, 2010

Stories and Tips by Sammy Lagios

Name Destination Date Written
FLORENCE - THE UFFICI GALLERY Florence, Italy November 13, 2010
BRUSSELS -THE PALAIS DE JUSTICE Brussels, Belgium November 11, 2010
TROMS - THE ARCTIC CIRCLE Norway, Europe November 11, 2010
BERGEN - THE MONUMENT England, United Kingdom November 11, 2010

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I love to travel to...
I love really to travel because i want to learn more about other people, to come in contact with them and since i can
speak their language it's easier for me to learn more about their civilization - ancient or new one - better than whatever i have already learned by reading books about them. Something else that attracts my attention is when i get into the plane and i fly because my adrenaline goes pretty high and i really adore this feeling. Then life is not only to stay at home and do the every day jobs because our life includes sites that not even we the same even know and travelling for me is a challenge and an opportunity to see and learn more about myself and to meet people that i've never imagined that they existed. YA! Travelling is a real challenge and i adore it. That's me myself.
My weirdest travel habit is...
If we call it weird my habit is to have a huge collection of books from all the countries i've been and of course a card
collection except of my own pictures in order to remember the most marvelous places i travelled so far but also a huge amount of my own pictures. I also never relax wherever i am because i want to see more and more places and
i never care if i don't get back to my hotel early at night mostly i'm back very late and fearless.
It's my dream to travel to...
The most rare places that only a few people travel and now i'm planning to go to Cameroun in Africa to live the life
as the people use to live it and to see if i'm useful in doing something in order to help them because our Western civilisation offers everything except of humanity and love.
When I'm not traveling...
I'm feeling deepressed and my life gets empty so i cannot live without traveling. I'm always uneasy and restless as a
character since i was a small kid and traveling for me is all my life. I also wants to change images and not being static
in one place because after a while this feeling is unbearable and i can't overcome it.
I also travel online at...
Traveling online for me is considered to be another revival of my memories and refreshing them, because i use to
get a very good memory in order to remember every detail of my trips. I want to do it and i think that i've reached
totally the 61 reviews or overviews instead of 35 ones. That gives me life despite the troubles that i usually get with
my camera in order to upload my pictures but for sure that one would happen because i used to insert a disc in order to get all the pictures i brought back from my other trips.