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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything. -- Charles Kuralt

About Me: I was born and raised in rural Ohio, where the cows out-numbered the people and I learned the difference between kettle corn and cattle corn at an early age. Realizing that there was more to life than corn, I moved to Cincinnati to study fine arts and history at the university. Upon graduating, I became involved in local theatre and television production. The Travel Junkie, a travel-related television show, was launched, and I became the writer, director, and eventually, producer. The show wasn’t a far jump, but a long drive, to Hollywood. As I continued my education at U.C.L.A., I obtained work in theatre, television and the film industries -- along with raising a family -- until I retired in 2009.

Another chapter in my life complete, I moved with my long-time partner to Santa Fe, where I am learning photography. My first images were captured by several point-n-shoot cameras until I recently upgraded to a Nikon D700. Wish me luck. When I’m not traveling and photographing, I lead a book discussion group, volunteer for an archeological preservation society, take as many cooking classes as possible, and enjoy plenty of good wine while listening to classical Jazz.

I bid you Happy Travels in your life!

Trip Journals by aboutthatplace

Name Destination Date Created
Budapest: A City and its Cuisine Budapest, Hungary November 10, 2010
New York: The History of a City New York, New York November 08, 2010
Four Corners Colorado, United States September 26, 2010
I Went to London. My Luggage Went to Dublin. England, United Kingdom June 21, 2010

Reviews by aboutthatplace

Name Destination Date Written
Day Five Mesa Verde, Colorado September 26, 2010
A Day at the Lake Abiquiu, New Mexico June 06, 2010
Dot's Diner Bisbee, Arizona June 02, 2010
Plants, and Fish, and Flowers, Oh My! Albuquerque, New Mexico May 31, 2010

Stories and Tips by aboutthatplace

Name Destination Date Written
Prague: Tomorrow's Paris, Part II Prague, Czech Republic November 15, 2010
Prague: Tomorrow's Paris, Part I Prague, Czech Republic November 15, 2010
The Cuisine of a City Budapest, Hungary November 10, 2010
Little Sister Is Catching Up Budapest, Hungary November 10, 2010

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