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Lake Milton, Ohio

Dont wear your wishbone where your backbone should be.

About Me: Im Hannah, 18, treehugger, artist. i love nature and magical adventures. i would like to travel the world to study dance and culture. i love bellydance, reading, writting, blogging, my bucket list, body art, makeup, camping, extreame sports, my fairy garden, art, photography, tea, drag shows, gay bars, my friends and music :) thats me.

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Name Destination Date Written
Wreck beach Vancouver, British Columbia June 13, 2011
Chinatown night market Vancouver, British Columbia June 04, 2011
Commercial Drive:Hippi Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia May 13, 2011

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I travel because...
i want to fully experience the culture of each country, not just the main attractions. Also ive created a bucket list of 250 things to do before i die, and about half are travel related.
.......i think my calling in life is to be a gypsy :)
I love to travel to...
Beautiful nature type places, small towns, side roads, occationly ill stop to see a tourist attraction, but for the most part i dont think that is truely traveling. I do not think a tourist is a traveler. a traveler is an explorer, that stops to learn the language, culture, history and daily life, and lives like a local, even if just for awhile. They see the location inside and out, the good and the dangerous. A tourist takes the guided tour to places built for tourists, take cheesy pictures standing infront of a well known figures, buy "souveners" that is some ridiculous object with the name of the location printed on it, and at the end of the day go back to their nice hotel. Not a hostel. A hotel. Which are the same everywhere you go. I now live in Vancouver and I can pick out one of these people from a mile away. Which is fine whatever floats your boat. I however dont consider myself one of these people. I just think they are missing out.
It's my dream to travel to...
Ireland, India, Morocco, Brazil, Tailand, Australia, Antarctica, Taiwan, Turkey, Romania, pretty much everywhere.
When I'm not traveling...
Planning my next trip :)