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Gothenburg, Sweden

There is always a new place to see.

About Me: Name: Henrik
From: Sweden
Occupation: Journalist
Right now: Spending the winter in Singapore together with my girlfriend. Have otherwise my base in Gothenburg, Sweden, but have earlier also lived two years in Milan. Crazy about football, trips and photographing.
Wishes for 2010: More trips, more fun, and a better knowledge in the english language...

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Name Destination Date Written
Great Budget Hotel in Central Milan Milan, Italy January 27, 2010
Italy's Biggest Football Stadium Milan, Italy January 26, 2010
Most Impressive Cathedral I've Ever Seen Milan, Italy January 25, 2010

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I travel because...
life is about seeing new places. There are always something else to discover, and I'm not intending to quit travelling until my life quits me.
I love to travel to...
Singapore, Italy. Favourite city in la bella Italia is Milan. But I actually love to travel to almost everywhere.
I never forget to pack...
My camera. Best way to keep the memories alive when I get back home again.
My weirdest travel habit is...
always buying a fridge magnet. The trip isn't complete if I can't find a fridge magnet with the name of the city I'm visiting.
And I will soon need a new fridge...
It's my dream to travel to...
Brazil and Argentina. Galapagos Islands.
When I'm not traveling...
don't understand the question...? ;)
I also travel online at...
www.virtualtourist.com and www.trivago.se.