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Porec, Croatia

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About Me: Porec has developed into a dream holiday destination. This is because of the successful combination of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and hard-working business-minded people who knew how to turn their vision into reality. The name Plava Laguna has already been associated with Porec for half a century. The hotels, apartment villages, campsites, sports and entertainment centres are harmoniously incorporated into the abundant Mediterranean greenery that is found on the peninsula and in the bays. Today we are renovating them and almost every day we are enrichening them with the same vitality as in those early beginnings. We are constantly following contemporary trends in tourism, but most importantly we listen to the wishes and needs of our guests. With equal care we are continuously working on developing the infrastructure and services, nurturing the horticultural and protecting the natural surrounding. At any given time we can look after 23000 guests to very high standards. Our hotels, apartments and camp sites of different categories are designed and equipped to provide the ideal holiday.
The international blue flag on our beaches confirms the care we put into preserving the environment, the high standards of cleanliness, and the quality of the sea, as well as safety. A series of highly respected business and ecological awards is clear evidence of Plava Laguna’s reputation and its leading position amongst Croatian hoteliers – as is the millions of satisfied guests from all over the world!

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Hotel Laguna Molindrio Porec, Croatia January 18, 2010

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