St. John's Presby Church's Profile

Age Range: 70+  |  Joined: November 2009

Berkeley, California

"Seek peace . . . and pursue it." - Psalm 34:14

About Me: . . . a gathering of people who seek deep relationship with the God of love and the Spirit of Life, through the amazing grace of Jesus Christ.

Personal experience of God's love inspires and empowers us to worship and serve. Called by the Gospel of Jesus Christ to promote love and justice on Earth as it is in Heaven, St. John's takes leadership in action for peace and justice, and sustainable stewardship of the environment.

As witnesses to the progressive movement within scripture and history toward ever greater inclusivity and equality, St. John's joyfully welcomes into membership and considers for leadership all those who acknowledge their need for God's grace (of particular relevance in our time including gays and lesbians.)

While the grace of Jesus Christ is sufficient and all we need, we also recognize the need for tolerance across culture and faith, and are grateful for God's revelation of truth and grace through science and cultures and faiths not our own. Whowever you are, we invite you to come feel God's love for you, and to join us in God's mission to build a community of inclusive love, peace and justice.