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Age Range: 18-24  |  Joined: February 2009

Phoenix, Arizona

About Me: Traveling and taking pictures is what I do when I have money and time.

Trip Journals by evo2887

Name Destination Date Created
Study abroad trip to South Korea South Korea, Asia February 19, 2009

Reviews by evo2887

Name Destination Date Written
Myeong-Dong, the Best Place to Shop Seoul, South Korea June 11, 2009
A Decent Place to Just Hang Seoul, South Korea June 08, 2009
Blue Monkey Bar in Sincheon Seoul, South Korea June 07, 2009
Beautiful Park Along the Han River Seoul, South Korea June 07, 2009

Stories and Tips by evo2887

Name Destination Date Written
Happy Chuseok! Seoul, South Korea June 10, 2009
Care to Show Off Your Singing Skills? Noraebang Time! South Korea, Asia June 06, 2009
Need a Pedicure? Let the Fish Do the Work Seoul, South Korea June 06, 2009

More About evo2887

I travel because...
I was born and raised in the desert of Arizona--- so everywhere else looks amazingly gorgeous... or at least interesting in comparison.
I love to travel to...
places that are unique and different because of its culture and history.
I never forget to pack...
my camera.
My weirdest travel habit is...
taking pictures of the bathrooms.
It's my dream to travel to...
space. But... I'd be too scared to fly in a rocket.
When I'm not traveling...
I'm going to school and working... trying to spend as little money as possible to save up for my next trip.
I also travel online at...
facebook. My friends are also always going to interesting places across the world and taking amazing pictures to post on facebook.