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Age Range: 18-24  |  Joined: December 2008

Lincoln City, Oregon

About Me: Well I love to travel and I hope to do more of it someday. I also love architecture, being creative, my job, the ocean, volleyball, design, coffee, magazines, my kitty and of course, my husband!

Trip Journals by Ckaemingk

Name Destination Date Created
Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale, Florida February 24, 2011
Portland! Portland, Oregon December 31, 2008
Los Angeles Los Angeles, California December 31, 2008

Reviews by Ckaemingk

Name Destination Date Written
Pure Luxury in Portland Portland, Oregon February 25, 2011
In Love With This Hotel! Fort Lauderdale, Florida February 25, 2011
Cute Restaurant, Great Food! Lincoln City, Oregon February 19, 2011
One of Portland's Best Hotels! Portland, Oregon May 29, 2010

Stories and Tips by Ckaemingk

Name Destination Date Written
My Top 10 Hotel Booking Tips! United States, North America April 24, 2010

More About Ckaemingk

I travel because...
It's my passion.
I love to travel to...
San Francisco, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Oregon Coast, Mexico, Florida
I never forget to pack...
Tons of Magazines and a portable DVD player for the trip there and back.
My weirdest travel habit is...
Packing waaaay too early.
It's my dream to travel to...
Greece, Europe, Bahamas, Tahiti, New England, New Zeeland
When I'm not traveling...
My husband and I work on remodeling houses!
I also travel online at..., Priceline, Travelocity and sometimes craigslist.