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Age Range: 40-49  |  Joined: November 2008

Bristol, United Kingdom

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Name Destination Date Written
Pinnicle - The Best Beds Ever Whistler, British Columbia November 17, 2008
Ace - hotel of ear plugs Seattle, Washington November 17, 2008
Mevagissey Self Catering Rentals Cornwall, England November 17, 2008
The Royal Oak - A Thatched Delight Somerset, England November 17, 2008

More About Cheryl Crichton

I travel because...
I love the UK and after 40 years I still haven't seen all of it, so I keep visiting. But as I have got older I've managed to fund holidays and trips further afield, and now I'm in love with the world too. There just isn't enough time to see it all! I love going somewhere for the first time - is just one of life's little pleasures (will you like it - is it any good - would you recommend it?). Sure, stick with what you know, but I like to experience new things too.
I love to travel to...
Anywhere not too cold or not too hot. language doesn't bother me, but it's always a challenge visiting places with totally different cultures to me.
I never forget to pack...
Pen and paper - I like to sketch and make notes. I also have a huge list of space saving ideas, and I can pack light, so never have to worry about weight limits at airports. A guidelbook is always handy too - Rough Guides are good. The thing I always forget to pack (believe it or not) is a camera - so I usually end up with a hand full of postcards!
My weirdest travel habit is...
I like staring out of windows in trains, planes and automobiles 'animal spotting'. I also make my husband carry my toiletries - toothbrush, shampoo and deodorant is about all I need leaving more room for me!
It's my dream to travel to...
America. I've been three of four times, but I still love it. I've done a couple of road trips and they just love the fact we're British. Other than that, I've been all over Europe, but never to Italy. How did that happen? I'm hoping to go to Sienna for my first wedding anniversary - watch this space.

When I'm not traveling...
Sadly working to pay for it all. Gotta work if you wanna travel! I love home interiors too and have just bought a house to enjoy renovating.
I also travel online at...
Trip Adviser and soon Face Book (but too many to administer if you're not careful).