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Age Range: 18-24  |  Joined: February 2008

Deadwood, South Dakota

About Me: I need a device that can speed up/slow down the passage of time.

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Name Destination Date Written
Art Alley Rapid City, South Dakota April 30, 2008
Eat Better than Wild Bill Hickok Deadwood, South Dakota April 30, 2008
Experience the Wild West Deadwood, South Dakota April 28, 2008
A Comfortable Stay at a Very Reasonable Price Deadwood, South Dakota March 31, 2008

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I love to travel to...
I like ambling around the South West, but I'll admit to being a not very experienced tra
It's my dream to travel to...
I would like to see Tokyo, Russia, Germany, Amsterdam, France, England, Ireland, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and Australia to name a few.