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Benicia, California

About Me: When I was little, my parents made sure I didn't spend my entire summer vacation playing video games. By instilling in me a love for adventure, they encouraged my curiosity and inquisitive nature.

Generally, as we grow older, our youthful sense of wonder is replaced by each passing year with a humdrum (if not cynical) perspective of life. However, one of the glories of travel is that I am constantly in awe at the marvels that fill our world and which often go unnoticed. Whether it is the splendor of a brilliant sunset, the majestic facade of a Gothic cathedral, the delicate fin of an angelfish, or the passionate, heartbeat-like rhythms of the Flamenco, the natural wonders of this planet and the people who call it home never cease to astound me.

Through travel, even just to a neighborhood park, I learned to explore and thereby appreciate the world around me. By putting emphasis on the experience (rather than the souvenirs), my parents taught me to seek the extraordinary--even in the commonplace and the seemingly mundane--and to create memories that would last a lifetime.

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Sevilla Intoxication Seville, Spain March 11, 2009

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Maui, Paris, Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid, London, Vienna, Salzburg, Munchien, Quebec, New Orleans
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Rome, Vatican City, Florence, Venice, Ayers Rock, Great Wall of China, Phuket, Compostela, Rio de Janerio, La Antigua (Guatemala), Argentina, Machu Picchu, Fatima, Lourdes, Medjugorje, Budapest, Morocco, Egypt, Santorini, Provence, Eze, Positano, Capri, the Holy Land, Scotland, Ireland