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Bangkok, Thailand

Im moving my reviews over here, so if youve seen any before there still originals. by one get one free is a good travel quote but never hear it anymore so maybe its "have good food, I will visit your country" AKA redmangosteen and foxenontherun !!!

About Me: single father thats finish raising 3 monsters with good hearts. its my time, travel travel eat eat drink drink. sometimes the kids are welcome. I live in 2 countries and desire to see explore and taste all that I can.

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Name Destination Date Written
chain fantasy Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia February 18, 2013
better then we thought they would be Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia February 17, 2013
live music extra Bangkok, Thailand February 17, 2013
Lebanese Lover Bangkok, Thailand February 01, 2013

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