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Age Range: 25-29  |  Joined: June 2007

Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

About Me: I love to explore, whether it is new places or those that are more familiar but more importantly I love meeting new people.

Trip Journals by rufusni

Name Destination Date Created
Up and over the mountains on the camino Triacastela, Spain June 11, 2013
Through Ponferrada on the camino Ponferrada, Castilla y Leon June 10, 2013
Camino- Climbing after Astorga Astorga, Castilla y Leon May 14, 2013
Santiago de Compostella Santiago de Compostela, Spain May 05, 2013

Reviews by rufusni

Name Destination Date Written
Perfect view Sligo, Ireland July 15, 2013
seaside cafe Sligo, Ireland July 15, 2013
overnight Dublin, Ireland July 06, 2013
Okay Cacabelos, Spain June 10, 2013

Stories and Tips by rufusni

Name Destination Date Written
Ponferrada Ponferrada, Castilla y Leon September 02, 2013
Rabanal Astorga, Castilla y Leon September 02, 2013
Down and up and Down - Camino from Fonfria Triacastela, Spain June 20, 2013
To the highest point on the camino Astorga, Castilla y Leon June 20, 2013

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More About rufusni

I travel because...
my feet get that itchy feeling, my heart is stirred for different experiences, my head has space for new knowledge, my soul needs a fresh reason to sing
I love to travel to...
places new
I never forget to pack...
actually at this point I think on every trip I've forgotten to pack something from toothbrush to camera...but I've always found what I needed when I did...but my passport has never been forgotten (oh...that might jinx things...)
My weirdest travel habit is...
to switch from being a night owl at home to suddenly being a morning person up at the crack of dawn
It's my dream to travel to...
Iceland, China, Mongolia, Albania, Morocco...
When I'm not traveling...
I'm dreaming of travelling