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Mays Landing, New Jersey

"Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind." ~Seneca

About Me: I love to travel. I enjoy going to various places and discovering something new, something different, something that catches my attention. Novel experiences, exciting trips, and beautiful places fill me with a sense of wonder and a feeling of calm. Together, they nourish my soul.

I love nature! I could stay on the beach for hours just listening to the waves and feeling the ocean breeze on my skin - or sit under a tree by a lake just looking at mountains. But I also adore being in the middle of a bustling metropolitan, or walking along streets in a sleepy small town, uncovering their many treasures. Yes, travel is definitely one of life's greatest adventures!

Trip Journals by Moira126

Name Destination Date Created
Stunningly Scenic Sedona Sedona, Arizona March 20, 2010
Yosemite! Such Beauty! Yosemite National Park, California March 01, 2010

Reviews by Moira126

Name Destination Date Written
Cliff Dwellings Up Close Flagstaff, Arizona April 15, 2010
A Valued Oasis in the Desert Camp Verde, Arizona March 21, 2010
Not "Montezuma", Not a "Castle" Either Camp Verde, Arizona March 20, 2010
A Unique Architectural and Spiritual Marvel Sedona, Arizona March 20, 2010

Stories and Tips by Moira126

Name Destination Date Written
Red Rock Pass Required Sedona, Arizona March 20, 2010
"Why Are the Red Rocks of Sedona Red?" Sedona, Arizona March 19, 2010
When in Yosemite, Take the Free Shuttle. Yosemite National Park, California March 01, 2010

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I travel because...
I love new experiences and meeting new people... There is also a sense of wonder in discovery that is exciting and refreshing at the same time.
I love to travel to...
National parks and beach destinations. I'm sort of a nature freak :) But I also love going to a new place when I can just to learn new things and discover new experiences.
I never forget to pack...
My camera
It's my dream to travel to...
All the National Parks,
Europe, Australia... around the world.
When I'm not traveling...
reading...listening to beautiful music...