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Jersey City, New Jersey

About Me: I'm originally from the Houston area, but moved to New York/Jersey City about a year ago after college. I love it up here, but miss my Texas heat and sunshine sometimes. Summertime and the beach/being near water make me really happy. I love to travel, but haven't done nearly enough yet! I'm interested in learning as many languages as possible. Other cultures, languages, foods and customs are fascinating to me -- I can't get enough of it! Bottom line -- if it involves the beach, I'm there.

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Waco--Central Texas at Its Best Waco, Texas March 07, 2007

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Name Destination Date Written
Treff's Bar & Grill Waco, Texas March 08, 2007
Elite Circle Grille Waco, Texas March 07, 2007

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I love to travel to...
New York, Austin, Greek Islands, Rome, Munich, London, Hawaii, Amsterdam, Anywhere with a beach
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Fiji, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Dominican Republic, Spain, India, Thailand, South Africa, Lake Tahoe, Chicago, Israel, Mediterranean Cruise