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Leicester, United Kingdom

About Me: Hi my name is Catherine and I have spent several years travelling the globe thanks to a previous career in the airline industry. Even though I am still doing something more 'down to earth now' I like to use my holiday time to discover new places. Life is too short to keep going back to the same place unless it is really special.
I would love to get into travel writing and have set up my own website at
My ideal holiday combines relaxation with exploration and includes lots of photography. I like to sample new dishes and learn about a new culture. Whilst abroad I like to participate in sports such as swimming, scuba, horse riding or ice-skating if the opportunity arises. In fact I enjoy travel so much that when I came back from a three week solo tour of the Cape Verde islands I had a bout of post holiday blues (bet plenty of you guys know what that's about!). I first read the Rough Guides over 12 years ago when planning a trip to Cape Verde. It's amazing to see how a place can change in the space of a decade. I look forward to exchanging my adventures and hearing about new ones from other members.

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Cape Verde Island Hopping Adventure Cape Verde, Africa November 04, 2006

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Cape Verde, Cancun, Rome, New York, Cape Town, Sydney and Singapore
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Istanbul, Marrakesh, St. Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Auckland