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Indianapolis, Indiana

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the places and moments that take our breath away. Anonymous

About Me: My family has recently relocated to Indiana from North Carolina. We are avid travelers and we never miss an opportunity to leave home. We love to taste different foods from all regions of the United States as well as international cuisine. We are both history buffs and we love to visit sites that has historical significance. To keep us traveling, we have set travel goals such as visiting all fifty states and all the National Parks and World Heritage Sites that we can find. Internationally, we love to travel to Latin America countries because we love the food and we admire the culture.

Trip Journals by RoBoNC

Name Destination Date Created
First Father & Son Trip North Carolina, United States November 14, 2013
Trekking along the Oregon Trail through Western Nebraska Nebraska, United States September 27, 2013
Family Vacation in the Black Hills Black Hills, South Dakota September 24, 2013
Lighthouses of the Outer Banks Outer Banks, North Carolina January 06, 2013

Reviews by RoBoNC

Name Destination Date Written
BASE jumping from the bridge on Bridge Day Beckley, West Virginia November 14, 2013
Booker T Washington's Birthplace Hardy, Virginia November 14, 2013
A Virginia tourist attraction dating back to the 18th century Natural Bridge, Virginia November 14, 2013
Home of the massive 3lb Homewrecker Lesage, West Virginia November 14, 2013

Stories and Tips by RoBoNC

Name Destination Date Written
Mayberry RFD North Carolina, United States November 14, 2013
Bath - NC's oldest town North Carolina, United States November 14, 2013
Civil War Lexington North Carolina, United States November 14, 2013
Sturgis & Deadwood - Two unique towns with great history Black Hills, South Dakota September 24, 2013

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I travel because...
I love to experience the different cultures and taste the regional cuisines of the different states and countries we visit. I love to visit those historical sites which I have only read in history books. I want to experience those places firsthand instead of just reading about them.
I love to travel to...
Hawaii, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Toronto, Washington DC, Sedona Arizona, Costa Rica, Chicago, Pella Iowa, Panama
I never forget to pack...
My camera so that I can document my travels as well as my travel journal so that I can record those moments on paper. It also helps when I start to write about my travels so that I don't forget pertinent facts. I usually pack my Passport Book to the US National Parks so that I can stamp it everytime I visit a new park.
It's my dream to travel to...
Moscow, London, Morocco, Alaska, UAE, Rome, Australia, Cuba, Israel, Egypt, Prague, Athens, Bangkok, Ireland, St. Maarten, Iceland, Trans-Siberian Railway,
When I'm not traveling...
I love to read anything dealing with history specifically the American Revoluntionary War and my favorite president, Theodore Roosevelt. I love to hang out with friends and visit different microbrews as sample different beers made locally and from around the world. I also enjoy writing about my travels at IgoUgo and being able to share them with family and firiends.
I also travel online at...
Arthur's Frommers Budget Travel, Wikitravel,