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Owasso, Oklahoma

For me travelling has become more than a get-away vacation. It is a passion for life and all things undiscovered. I love to meet new people, eat interesting foods, and experience something that will touch my heart and stay with me for years to come.

About Me: I am a wife to a loving, wonderful husband who enjoys travelling, a mom to two jack russell terriers who love to stay in hotels, and a tired healthcare provider who needs time away to revive her spirts. I have the heart of a world traveller but the pocketbook of a homebody. I only get to travel a few times a year but look forward to those times everyday. If only I could win the lottery.

Trip Journals by VanessaK

Name Destination Date Created
Visiting Washington DC Washington, D.C., United States August 25, 2011
Girlfriends in San Francisco San Francisco, California August 25, 2011
Sights and Taste of Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma August 21, 2011
Day in Boston Boston, Massachusetts July 24, 2011

Reviews by VanessaK

Name Destination Date Written
No Whales? Monterey, California August 25, 2011
Hold up a glass and cheer Sonoma, Sonoma County August 25, 2011
A glimpse of Tuscany Sonoma County, California August 25, 2011
Run Forrest Run San Francisco, California August 25, 2011

Stories and Tips by VanessaK

Name Destination Date Written
Day trip to Salem, MA Salem, Massachusetts July 22, 2011
Our Day at Coronado Island San Diego, California December 16, 2008
Our fall Eureka Springs Experience Eureka Springs, Arkansas November 17, 2008
Rio San Antonio Cruises San Antonio, Texas July 01, 2007

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I travel because...
Travelling fills my soul. It allows me to expand my horizons and reach out to those whom aren't yet friends. Travelling relaxes and soothes my nerves and refreshes me for the next few months. If I could travel anytime I wanted, I would be a happy camper.
I love to travel to...
Anywhere in the world. I have travelled to Europe, Mexico and quite a few of the US states. My most favorite places to travel to are those where I have never been before. I love to visit new places and meet new people. I collect cookbooks so I love to eat the different foods of where we go. There has never been a place I hated. They are all beautiful.
I never forget to pack...
There are a few items I never travel without, my GPS, sunscreen and a travel itinerary.
My weirdest travel habit is...
I make an itinerary for everything we do. I always have every map, phone number, and address of places I want to see, and I never forget my GPS.
It's my dream to travel to...
My current dream is to have a Hawaiian vacation for our 10th year wedding anniversary. I have 4 years to plan and save for it. I haven't decided if a cruise around the islands would be better than renting a car. I guess I will just have to research it a little more.
When I'm not traveling...
When I'm not traveling, I am always planning another vacation. Even if that vacation is a short weekend get-away.
I also travel online at... and