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Doha, Qatar

About Me: I'm a 26-year-old Aussie who hopes to spend the next 10-15 years exploring the world with my fiancee, Wendy. So far we have been to about 50 countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Sub-Continent, the Middle East and Latin America. Currently we are living in Doha, Qatar, where we will be based until the end of 2006. In Doha, we are involved in the planning of press operations for the Asian Games this December. After that I'd love to get back on the road again in Africa, South America or Central Asia.

Trip Journals by JungleBoy

Name Destination Date Created
Cyprus: More Than a Resort Island Cyprus, Europe June 30, 2006
Sri Lanka: Back on the Sub-Continent Sri Lanka, Asia April 25, 2006

Reviews by JungleBoy

Name Destination Date Written
Alexander's Cyprus, Europe August 05, 2006
Paiva's Sri Lanka, Asia August 04, 2006
Day 06: Frescoes and a Lion's Paws Sri Lanka, Asia May 10, 2006

Stories and Tips by JungleBoy

Name Destination Date Written
Should you go to Sri Lanka? Yes! Sri Lanka, Asia August 05, 2006
Troodhos and Home Cyprus, Europe July 29, 2006
South Cyprus: Limassol and Pafos Cyprus, Europe July 24, 2006
North Cyprus: more sites and observations Cyprus, Europe July 19, 2006

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