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Minneapolis, Minnesota

About Me: I'm 34, soon to be married to my best friend and fellow adventurer, and absolutely love to travel.

I grew up spending my summers in Myrtle Beach, SC, and being a "semi-local" in a mecca of overcommercialized tourism has had a great influence on me. My philosophy on travel is rooted in experiencing a place as those who live there do, and in trying to understand why things are as they are. In short, I try to be a participant rather than a spectator.

In addition to living in South Carolina, I have had the good fortune of living all over the U.S.(Chicago, San Francisco, Newport Beach, Minneapolis, Denver, Oklahoma, Indiana) and traveling to even more places for work. Those hard-earned frequent flyer miles are regularly put to work to carry us to the places on our ever-growing list of "must see" destinations.

Trip Journals by g3

Name Destination Date Created
Culture and Cuisine in the Land of Lakes Minneapolis, Minnesota February 03, 2002
Activities Galore Monterey, California December 27, 2001
Vanuatu-Land of Fire and Magic Vanuatu, South Pacific March 31, 2001
expectations exceeded County Clare, Ireland February 19, 2001

Reviews by g3

Name Destination Date Written
Carmel Mission Basilica Carmel, California February 03, 2002
Point Lobos State Reserve Carmel, California February 03, 2002
Diving Butterfly Point Monterey, California February 02, 2002
kayaking Monterey Bay Monterey, California February 02, 2002

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I love to travel to...
San Francisco, Puerto Vallarta, Rome, Tokyo, New Orleans
It's my dream to travel to...
Marrakesh, Istanbul, Cusco, Cape Town, Cairo