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Monterey, California

About Me: Panamanian by birth, Chinese by heritage, American by choice. I generally don't trust people who think of Food as Fuel. I love fine dining, street food, and everything in-between. Hell, the only point of exercise is that it allows you to eat more. I behemently believe salt water cures all. From colds to bad moods, there is nothing that liberal amounts of salt water administered twice a day won't fix. Diving, snorkeling, or just hanging out by the beach are all fine ways of spending a day or a lifetime. If I start getting too pruny, hiking is a good alternative. Some say my hiking started on a trip to Hawaii, but I maintain I didn't get hooked until that day I went wandering around my old neighborhood (Glendale, CA) looking for a shady tree to read under. I can't remember the book, but the that trail is still a favorite to this day. LA trails are close and provide a quick stress relief, a good workout, and a chance to reconnet with nature.

Trip Journals by Seaotter71

Name Destination Date Created
Anchorage in the Fall Anchorage, Alaska September 23, 2008
A Recent Local's View of Monterey Monterey, California November 05, 2007
Solo Beijing (Sort of) Beijing, China September 12, 2006
Father/Son Trip to China Beijing, China August 17, 2006

Reviews by Seaotter71

Name Destination Date Written
Kenai Fjords Boat Tour Seward, Alaska December 13, 2008
A Nice Overview of the Culture of Alaska's Native Peoples Anchorage, Alaska December 13, 2008
A Spectacular Hike to the High Peaks Salinas, California November 30, 2008
A Delightful Walk/Ride in Between Day Trips Anchorage, Alaska November 29, 2008

Stories and Tips by Seaotter71

Name Destination Date Written
Tianhe Liangzi Foot Massage Chain Beijing, China October 05, 2006
Barbecued Biodivesity on a Stick Beijing, China October 04, 2006
Daybreak Strolls Beijing, China September 12, 2006
E3: Electronic Entertainment Expo Los Angeles, California May 11, 2006

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