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Port Elizabeth, California

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust"

About Me: I believe people possess and have the ability and right to have ever-developing personalities. To successfully pursue this 'purpose of life', I believe we have an intrinsic duty to only ourselves to maximise our lives through experience.

What this entails is basically finding the things that are meaningful within our own personal spheres and then persuing a line that roughly resembles that direction while keeping a 'wide eye' on alternate routes.

I believe we are dynamic beings and therefore should resist the temptation to settle into apathetic mediocrity. We should continually challenge ourselves by putting our lives into situations that force us to be 'revitalised'.

Through this ever escalating process of dynamic change I believe we experience the most varied and rewarding - accomplished existence.

Trip Journals by gregsmithsays

Name Destination Date Created
Ireland - The Lord of the Dance Dublin, Ireland December 30, 2005
The Holy Grail: Dublin's Finest Pint o' Guinness Dublin, Ireland December 30, 2005
Dublin has Guinness Dublin, Ireland December 29, 2005
Taipei, Oriental Surprise Taipei, Taiwan December 29, 2005

Reviews by gregsmithsays

Name Destination Date Written
Knights Bridge Inn Dublin, Ireland January 02, 2006
Addo Game Park Port Elizabeth, South Africa December 30, 2005
Foggy Dew (The) Dublin, Ireland December 30, 2005
Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse Dublin, Ireland December 29, 2005

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... packing like I'm heading to Mars
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Machu Pichu, Andies, Nepal, Russia, Fjords of Scandanavia, Holland, Canadian Rockies and Lake District, Mexico, Turkey, Butterfly Valley, Cyprus, Italian Tuscany, French Winelands, Cognac and Bordeaux, Alaska, Antarctica, Australian Outback
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