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Age Range: 30-39  |  Joined: July 2005

Belmont, Massachusetts

About Me: If I spend more than 2 months without traveling somewhere, I get antsy.

Trip Journals by RID12

Name Destination Date Created
Dutch Day Trips: Utrecht, Leiden, and Delft Utrecht, Netherlands August 21, 2005
Miami Weekend Miami, Florida August 19, 2005
D.C. Nights--Dining and Drinking Washington, D.C., United States August 18, 2005
Weekend in Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands July 27, 2005

Reviews by RID12

Name Destination Date Written
Clouds Washington, D.C., United States March 04, 2006
Clevelander (The) Miami, Florida March 04, 2006
Mansion Miami Beach, Florida March 02, 2006
Supper Club Amsterdam, Netherlands March 02, 2006

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I love to travel to...
Spain, France, Aruba, Copenhagen
It's my dream to travel to...
Fiji, Bali, Turkey, South America