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Boston, Massachusetts

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Trip Journals by BostonChick

Name Destination Date Created
A Sox Fan's Love for NYC New York, New York September 03, 2005
The Magic of Disney - A Guide to the World Orlando, Florida August 01, 2005
Viva, Las Vegas! A First-Time Visitor's Take Las Vegas, Nevada July 25, 2005

Reviews by BostonChick

Name Destination Date Written
Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue Orlando, Florida August 22, 2006
Empire State Building New York, New York December 28, 2005
Disney's Animal Kingdom Orlando, Florida November 05, 2005
California Grill Orlando, Florida September 02, 2005

Stories and Tips by BostonChick

Name Destination Date Written
Disney/MGM Studios Orlando, Florida September 18, 2005
EPCOT Orlando, Florida September 03, 2005
Magic Kingdom Orlando, Florida August 09, 2005

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Walt Disney World, Spain, London
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UK tour, Australia/New Zealand