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Los Angeles, California

The first day in a new city is magical.

About Me: It is interesting to see how my travel preferences and habits evolve as I get older and become a more seasoned traveler. My passion is still the cultural and architectural offerings of a new city. And of course, I love the challenge of getting those memorable photos.

Trip Journals by pabrams52

Name Destination Date Created
First trip to China Beijing, China April 27, 2011
Cradle of History Cruise on Oceania's Insignia Greek Islands, Greece May 26, 2010
Second Visit to Australia Australia, South Pacific October 21, 2009
Two Days in New York City New York, New York October 10, 2008

Reviews by pabrams52

Name Destination Date Written
A Lovely Auberge in Montreal Montreal, Quebec October 25, 2011
A Delightful Dinner Montreal, Quebec October 21, 2011
Ask for Room 252 Amqui, Quebec October 17, 2011
With a Little Imagination... Venice, California August 02, 2010

Stories and Tips by pabrams52

Name Destination Date Written
Sheer Numbers Beijing, China April 28, 2011
My first Tauck Tour Beijing, China April 27, 2011
Meeting Nice People Athens, Greece May 30, 2010
My Great Barrier Reef Experience Cairns, Australia October 24, 2009

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I travel because...
There is more to see outside of our own neighborhood and when we travel, we grow as people. I love making connections with others around the world. Travelers quickly learn that although we're from different countries, in essence, we're not all that different.
I love to travel to...
Vienna, London, Berlin, Rome
I never forget to pack...
My favorite snacks upon which to munch late at night in our hotel room. Also, I've found the vacuum "space bags" to be invaluable in the packing process! I bring liquid detergent and fabric softener so I can rinse things in our bathroom sink.
My weirdest travel habit is...
I won't let my husband near the suitcases. I do ALL the packing (outbound and return). I also always bring small night lights for our hotel room, so we don't trip in the dark.
It's my dream to travel to...
St. Petersburg, Shanghai, Lanai. I've since made it to St. Petersburg and Shanghai. I guess I'll have to refresh this list. I'll keep Lanai and add the Norwegian Fjords, Normandy, France and South Africa.
When I'm not traveling...
I am crazy for mah jongg and play twice a week. I also am a devoted needlepointer...always taking a project on our travels so I have something to do on the plane and at night in our room.