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Age Range: 60-69  |  Joined: January 2005

Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Wherever I go... there I am.

About Me: I travel to Puerto Vallarta often, and try to visit someplace new every year.

Trip Journals by Koala_D

Name Destination Date Created
I Want to Go Back Again.... and Again.... and Again.... Western Caribbean, Caribbean March 11, 2009
Port Angeles... So Much To Do! Port Angeles, Washington August 24, 2008
Tacoma, Washington? You'll Be Surprised! Tacoma, Washington July 02, 2007
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico May 28, 2007

Reviews by Koala_D

Name Destination Date Written
Unique Experience.... Tolting on an Icelandic Horse !!! Reykjavik, Iceland March 05, 2012
Pirates, Birds, and Monkeys of the Caribbean ! Roatan, Honduras March 12, 2009
Horrible... Horrible... Horrible! Miami, Florida March 11, 2009
Nice.... But Not My Favorite Place to Stay! Port Angeles, Washington September 11, 2008

Stories and Tips by Koala_D

Name Destination Date Written
The Good, Bad, and Ugly - Before We Sailed Western Caribbean, Caribbean March 11, 2009
Getting There...Is Not Half the Fun! Puerto Vallarta, Mexico August 26, 2008
Puerto Vallarta Bus Tours Puerto Vallarta, Mexico June 13, 2007
San Blas Day Tour Puerto Vallarta, Mexico May 27, 2007

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I travel because...
I just want to see everything.... and meet new people. You wouldn't believe how different it is to see a picture of the Eiffel Tower in a book.... or to stand under it and look up... WoW !!! And.... to see people on cruises in those old films (all dressed up, and definitely not looking relaxed)..... or cruise yourself. I am always walking about the ship and I enjoy the relaxed pace and being on the water. I do many of the on-board activities, and I love the NCL restaurants.... so many to choose from (from buffet to formal). My favorite cruise stop was Fanning Island in the Pacific. I want to see ALL of Mexico someday (I'm working on it). It is the least expensive place I've travelled , and the people there and in the Caribbean are very friendly and always so happy.
I love to travel to...
London, Funchal, Santiago de Compostela , Iceland, New Orleans, Curacao, Tulum, Fanning Island, Panama Canal, San Diego, Maui, Puerto Vallarta, British Columbia, and the Caribbean: St. Lucia, Tortola, Virgin Gorda
I never forget to pack...
....a Koala.
My weirdest travel habit is...
...taking a koala with me.
It's my dream to travel to...
Australia and Iguassu Falls, Argentina
When I'm not traveling...
I'm editing all my photos....
I also travel online at...