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East Berlin, Pennsylvania

About Me: We have a family of five - hubby, myself, and 3 boys - and we all love to travel! It's in our genes I think - we get withdrawal symptoms when we've been home for too long - though we do enjoy South Central PA and our farm. We dislike Interstate Highways and avoid them whenever we can (Why go somewhere and see nothing?). We'd travel for a living if we could! For now, we tend to take a larger summer trip, a larger winter trip, and a few short (3 - 4 day) trips returning in between to refill the bank account. In 2005 everyone got dive certified (in Hawaii), so we're also moving towards more dive centered vacations in the future. We've started homeschooling as of 2006 to allow more "off season" travel time. Our boys love this, but it's not necessarily for everyone. We plan to have visited all 50 states before our kids leave home (only have Alaska left) and to have seen all major National Parks if possible. Someday we also want to take a dream cruise to Antarctica... and walk on the Great Wall of China, go on a safari in Africa, dive Bonaire and the South Pacific, and... ??? Did I mention we love traveling? Just gotta figure out where they grow those money trees and we'd have a journal on everywhere (or at least those with beautiful scenery!). :)

Trip Journals by creekland

Name Destination Date Created
Inexpensive Florida - Discover the State Parks Florida, United States February 15, 2007
2006 Trip Pt 4 - Washington's National Parks Washington, United States November 11, 2006
2006 Trip Part 3 - MT - Glacier National Park Glacier National Park, Montana October 19, 2006
2006 Trip Pt 2 - WY - Devil's Tower to Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming October 07, 2006

Reviews by creekland

Name Destination Date Written
Snorkel with the Manatees - Air Tank Divers Homosassa, Florida February 26, 2007
Ft Desoto Campground - Pinellas County Park Tierra Verde, Florida February 21, 2007
Biscayne National Park Florida Keys, Florida February 16, 2007
Long Key State Park—On the Water in the Keys Florida Keys, Florida February 15, 2007

Stories and Tips by creekland

Name Destination Date Written
Rainbow Springs State Park - West of Ocala Florida, United States February 28, 2007
Ft. Desoto County Park - South of St Petersburg Florida, United States February 21, 2007
Myakka River State Park - Near Sarasota Florida, United States February 20, 2007
Bahia Honda State Park - Florida Keys Florida, United States February 19, 2007

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National Parks, rural areas, coastal areas, Hawaii... anywhere the wind takes us esp if we hav
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Antarctica, Africa, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Bonaire, Alaska, China, world parks - did I leave out anything? We love b