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Age Range: 30-39  |  Joined: November 2004

London, Ontario

About Me: I hope to keep travelling and learning about others, appreciating their perspective in life and in doing so understanding myself in order to lead a better life, cultivate change and inspire others to achieve their dreams and follow their heart...

Trip Journals by smilingtraveller

Name Destination Date Created
Hawaiian Hot Spots Hawaii (Big Island), Hawaii February 17, 2008
Oahu, Hawaii: The Way to Make Memories Happen... Oahu, Hawaii March 31, 2007
Barbados: Home to Flying Fish Barbados, Caribbean March 17, 2006
Montreal: Always Try Something Different Montreal, Quebec January 29, 2006

Reviews by smilingtraveller

Name Destination Date Written
Looking for something other than Cheescake Factory? Virginia Beach, Virginia March 17, 2013
Diamond Head State Monument Honolulu, Oahu February 18, 2008
Mount Plasir Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean February 17, 2008
Mr. Ed's Bakery and General Store Hawaii (Big Island), Hawaii February 17, 2008

Stories and Tips by smilingtraveller

Name Destination Date Written
It's 'bout the nightlife . . . Las Vegas, Nevada December 13, 2004
One Love . . . Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago December 07, 2004
If I had to do it all over again . . . Singapore, Asia December 07, 2004

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I love to travel to...
Caribbean: Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Grenada and Jamaica, India. I'm hoping to visit more places in Canada..
It's my dream to travel to...
Hmmm well Hawaii would be nice, I'd like to experience religious/spiritual places, something I think is neglected in North America in, aren't they?