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Dallas, Texas

"Did you leave my sweater at Heathrow?'
"No, I think it was Madrid."

About Me: I travel about twice a year and always try to bring back memorable photos. I typically return from a trip with over 1000 images. I also do publicity photos for professional models, actors and musicians. See some samples at

I help run a non-profit group called The North Texas Skeptics. Our Web site is at

Trip Journals by skeptic

Name Destination Date Created
Italian Diversion Italy, Europe January 07, 2009
The South of France is Nice Nice, France January 06, 2009
Weekend in Morocco Tangier, Morocco January 02, 2009
Doing the Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas, Nevada December 26, 2008

Reviews by skeptic

Name Destination Date Written
Porto Hydra Royal Club Peloponnese, Greece December 31, 2008
Hilton Grand Vacations Club Las Vegas, Nevada December 26, 2008
Afternoon at the Zocalo Acapulco, Mexico December 26, 2008
Alba Suites with a View Acapulco, Mexico December 26, 2008

Stories and Tips by skeptic

Name Destination Date Written
Remembering Pompeii Italy, Europe January 11, 2009
Colorful Burano Italy, Europe January 10, 2009
Fiesole and Italian Origins Italy, Europe January 09, 2009
Hilltop Saint-Paul de Vence Nice, France January 08, 2009

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I travel because...
Getting out of town to a quaint or exotic place helps me unlock from my set ways and thinking. Today the world is so tightly connected we can ill afford to mechanise our daily lives based on home-street norms. Meeting different people under different circumstances opens our thinking to the planetary reality.
I love to travel to...
Saint Martin, Paris, Venice, Monaco
I never forget to pack...
Camera first. For me every trip is a photo adventure. GPS is becoming a must. It's been a day-saver driving across the Argentine Pampas or finding the bus station in Tetuoan, Morocco.
My weirdest travel habit is...
I bring along a GPS navigator. I have a unit that records my travels, and afterward I load the record onto my computer as a reminder of exactly where I was and when.
It's my dream to travel to...
Bonaire, Acapulco, Munich, Auckland, Cairo
When I'm not traveling...
I help run a non-profit called the North Texas Skeptics. See the Web site at We work to rebut the phony claims of creationists, faith healers, astrologers and "psychics." I do photos for magazines plus portfolios for professional models and entertainers.
I also travel online at...
My Web site at has a collection of my travel photos plus links to stock agencies distributing a wide variety of images.