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Age Range: 40-49  |  Joined: August 2004

New York, New York

There is never enough time to travel.

About Me: I make it a point to travel twice a year.

Trip Journals by manatwork

Name Destination Date Created
Trip 2010 Malaysia, Asia July 13, 2010
Cities along the Adriatic Sea Croatia, Europe November 13, 2008
7 Unknown Wonders of New York City New York, New York December 04, 2007
A Quick Short Trip Wales, United Kingdom June 08, 2007

Stories and Tips by manatwork

Name Destination Date Written
Iceland Iceland, Europe June 27, 2012
Bucharest Bucharest, Romania April 18, 2012
Brasov Brasov, Romania March 22, 2012
Timisoara Timisoara, Romania January 27, 2012

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I travel because...
I get to experience different cultures, people and food....and it's a once in a lifetime experience.
I love to travel to...
Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic), Krakow, Cairo, Istanbul, Beijing
I never forget to pack...
my camera.
It's my dream to travel to...
Tibet, the Antartica, and the Sahara desert
When I'm not traveling...
I dream of my next destination.
I also travel online at...