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Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and then beat you with experience.

About Me: I'm a septuagenarian member of the backpack/hostel set of travelers. I travel slowly for pleasure, relaxation, rejuvenation and because running is not something that I do well anymore. I avoid organized tours in favor of deciding how long I want to stay in one place. Where a tour may schedule four hours in a location, I may spend four days and return again. I seldom have much of a definite schedule and I often change reservations on a whim. My only unchangeable travel deadlines are my flights to Europe and back home. While I am actually quite organized, it frequently does not look like it, even to me.

I prefer small cities to large ones and I look for signs of community pride. Bamberg and Coburg, Germany are examples of such small cities along with Bruges and Ghent in Belgium and many others scattered all over Europe. Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany is always clean despite the hoards of tourists that invade this small, Medieval city year 'round. Amsterdam's streets are washed daily and individual shopkeepers are fussy about the exterior appearances of their businesses as well as the interiors. Pride in one's community says a lot about the people of that community.

Other than home, the USA, my favorite countries are Scotland and Germany. Scotland is so beautiful, the land of my ancestors and is so very special to me, in spite of the character-building weather. Germany, because travel there is so easy, wonderful scenery, warm, friendly, and gregarious people, and, being honest, I like German food better. That does not mean that I have found countries that I don't like. I have not...

By nature, I am not an adventurous person. I am afraid of heights and roller coasters; I won't climb 300+ steps to be scared to death and nauseous, and I don't "just adore trying divine new foods." I will never be talked into bungee jumping or sky-diving or eating snails or ox's testicles. I travel often, inexpensively, usually alone, and, most importantly, I always have a blast! To me, travel is about enjoyment and I frequently return to places that I have enjoyed. Today, being retired, my shortest trip is at least four weeks long and in spring of 2013 I hope to travel for two months.

The musings on these pages are not my attempt at being different, as much as my attempt to not be boring. Information and descriptions that I could write have been done better many times by others. My goal is to influence others to "go it alone" and make each trip a personal adventure for one. A person traveling "solo" can see and do much more than is possible with another person or group because the solo traveler is pleasing only him/herself. Solo travel may not be as romantic or as convenient, but I believe that the advantages of solo travel far outweigh the disadvantages. I won't recommend something that I have not personally done or seen (unless I so state), and I will not question or condemn the travel styles of others. I took every picture shown unless stated otherwise. Obviously, the opinions are those of a 72 year old unintentionally verbose lunatic.

I hope that readers will come along with me. I'll try not to be boring, however, I am opinionated.

Trip Journals by flyingscot4

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Reviews by flyingscot4

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This is a Hostel? Prague, Czech Republic June 13, 2011

Stories and Tips by flyingscot4

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I travel because...
this world keeps showing me its people, its beauty and teaching me new things of great value. The more I travel, the more I learn about "stuff." My brain may be filled with lots of irrelavant and useless information, but I have a lot of grand memories.
I love to travel to...
Scotland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, England, Scandinavia
I never forget to pack...
??? I forget things all the time. I can always buy it wherever I am, and if I can't, I probably don't need it anyway. (I don't forget my medications, though.)
My weirdest travel habit is...
making the same mistake over and over again, expecting different results. I still do it, which proves that I am not as smart as Albert Einstein who coined the phrase.
It's my dream to travel to...
Scotland for 3 months, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Dalmatian Coast, Eastern Europe
When I'm not traveling...
vegetating, walking my dog, reading, reading and writing on travel websites, making photographs.
I also travel online at...
Trip Advisor and Virtual Tourist and some others.