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Age Range: 40-49  |  Joined: October 2000

Bethpage, New York

About Me: While I have loved the places we have traveled and often want to return, there are just too many places I have yet to see for me to return to favorite destinations

Trip Journals by Postcard

Name Destination Date Created
The Keys to Romance Florida Keys, Florida July 18, 2004
The Many Faces of the Mexican Riviera Playa del Carmen, Mexico July 19, 2001
Vegas -Grand Canyon Loop Grand Canyon, Arizona October 19, 2000

Reviews by Postcard

Name Destination Date Written
Karen's Pizza & Grill Playa del Carmen, Mexico July 20, 2004
Christalina Cenote Quintana Roo, Mexico July 20, 2004
Westin Key Largo Key Largo, Florida July 19, 2004
Simonton Court Florida Keys, Florida July 19, 2004

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I love to travel to...
The Caribbean islands
It's my dream to travel to...
Venice, Rome, Florence, New Zealand, African Safari