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Age Range: 50-59  |  Joined: May 2004

Stockton, Kansas

Sometimes... the lack of distance is the best traveling... I have come to learn... yet, leaving the continent is an incredible experience and should be done at whatever the cost... just to have another perspective

About Me: Imagine if I had a better camera...

Trip Journals by smallplasticman

Name Destination Date Created
Dodge City Kansas Dodge City, Kansas May 28, 2007
Once Wild West Hays, Kansas March 18, 2007
Stockton, Kansas Stockton, Kansas March 15, 2007
Thailand's Northern Jewel Chiang Mai, Thailand February 21, 2007

Reviews by smallplasticman

Name Destination Date Written
Peppercorn's Dodge City, Kansas September 24, 2007
Triple C Café Stockton, Kansas September 23, 2007
Solomon Valley Antique Engine & Machinery Show Stockton, Kansas September 17, 2007
Boot Hill Museum Dodge City, Kansas September 03, 2007

Stories and Tips by smallplasticman

Name Destination Date Written
Main Street Damar, Kansas September 03, 2007
Medical Tourist Bangkok, Thailand February 27, 2007
Smoking and Drinking in Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand February 26, 2007
The Art of Eating Bugs or...Sects in the City Bangkok, Thailand February 20, 2007

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I travel because...
sometimes need to get out of a small town and see my country and world.
I love to travel to...
San Francisco, Seattle, Portland Oregon, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Thailand, Hays, Kansas
I never forget to pack...
socks and underwear
My weirdest travel habit is...
looking for bugs and things close to where I live... and then capturing and releasing them...
It's my dream to travel to...
Sweden, Africa, Australia, London, Amsterdam
When I'm not traveling...
I drink beer, chase women, and have a good night.