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Saddle Brook, New Jersey

About Me: I work for a financial company on Wall Street in New York City. I only get four weeks of vacation a year, but I travel on everyday I can. Long weekends and my signature two week summer vacation are my favorites. Hopefully I can retire at a young age so I can travel the world.

Trip Journals by thestickman23

Name Destination Date Created
Some Like It Hot! Real Hot! Scottsdale, Arizona March 01, 2007
La Jolla (the Jewel) La Jolla, California October 12, 2006
French Culture in North America Montreal, Quebec January 02, 2005
The Amusement Park Capital of the World Sandusky, Ohio July 20, 2004

Reviews by thestickman23

Name Destination Date Written
Best Mexican I Have Had Since Cancun!!! Scottsdale, Arizona October 28, 2008
As Hot As the Weather!!! Scottsdale, Arizona October 23, 2008
The Beach House Restaurant Kauai, Hawaii March 26, 2007
Dondero's Kauai, Hawaii March 26, 2007

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I love to travel to...
Cancun, Kauai, Las Vegas, Orlando, Toronto, Maui, Venice, Montreal, Paradise Island, Aruba, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sonoma County.
It's my dream to travel to...
Cape Town, Hanoi, Havana, Rome, Vancouver, Santa Fe, San Antonio, Nairobi, Alaska, Galapagos Islands, St. Petersburg.