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Tacoma, Australia

You never know until you go

About Me: I love to travel, although I can't always afford it.
I am a New Zealander, but have lived in London, England for 3 1/2 years and am now residing in New South Wales, Australia.
I have plenty of photos and tales to tell of my ventures overseas, some of them may be from the not so distant past, but places and distinations never change.

Trip Journals by auskiwi

Name Destination Date Created
Two weeks in Northland, New Zealand Northland, New Zealand May 04, 2013
The west & north west coast of Tasmania Tasmania, Australia January 04, 2013
A Long Weekend in Melbourne, Australia Melbourne, Australia June 08, 2011
11 days in Tasmania Tasmania, Australia January 10, 2011

Reviews by auskiwi

Name Destination Date Written
Sea Spray Suites New Zealand, South Pacific May 06, 2013
Darryl’s Dinner Cruise to Haruru Falls Northland, New Zealand May 06, 2013
Central Launceston - just what we wanted Launceston, Australia January 08, 2013
Pleasant surroundings in a great location Tasmania, Australia January 08, 2013

Stories and Tips by auskiwi

Name Destination Date Written
Batley - Nothing like home Northland, New Zealand May 06, 2013
Entry 1 - Paihia, The Bay of Islands Northland, New Zealand May 06, 2013
Entry 2 - Waitangi, The Bay of Islands Northland, New Zealand May 06, 2013
Entry 3 - Russell, The Bay of Islands Northland, New Zealand May 06, 2013

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I travel because...
I like to experience new countries with new and exciting cultures and to discover new things about Australia where I am a resident and New Zealand where I was born
I love to travel to...
Athens and the Greek Islands - relaxation, Auckland and New Plymouth - New Zealand - family c, Rome and Southern Italy - beautiful scenery, London - something for everyone, Paris - emmerse yourself in the Parisian lifestyle, Amsterdam - outrageous, Bali - laidback and picturesque - my favorite
I never forget to pack...
My toothbrush and hairbrush, camera and upset tummy tablets for countries that require such things
My weirdest travel habit is...
Organising everything I want to do before I go and then getting there and doing what everybody else wants to do - just too bloody nice - it usual ends up pretty good though.
It's my dream to travel to...
Kingston, St. Louis, Tokyo, Cairo, Edinburgh, Thailand, The South Pacific Island - Samoa, Cook Islands, etc, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania - Australia, Northern Territory - Australia, The South Island - New Zealand
When I'm not traveling...
I'm working to save for the next experience - if we didn't need money the world would be a much better place - whoever invented it (money) should have been shot.