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Age Range: 30-39  |  Joined: January 2002

Los Angeles, California

About Me: I never have enough time to spend in places I really want to see, but I try to take every opportunity to see what I can of the world.

Trip Journals by Roozie

Name Destination Date Created
Moorish Spain: Seville, Cordoba and Granada Seville, Spain November 03, 2009
Another Colosseum? Verona, Italy January 08, 2007
Madrid Mayhem and Museums Madrid, Spain January 08, 2007
Gaudi Barcelona Barcelona, Spain January 07, 2007

Reviews by Roozie

Name Destination Date Written
Don't Miss It! Seville, Spain February 23, 2010
See It, Even If It's Out of Your Way Cordoba, Spain February 23, 2010
Great Mexican Food in Barcelona- Don't Miss their Raspberry Mojitos! Barcelona, Spain February 16, 2010
Casa Mila Barcelona, Spain February 13, 2008

Stories and Tips by Roozie

Name Destination Date Written
Avoid Getting Robbed Barcelona, Spain February 13, 2008
Aerobus Portugal, Europe January 08, 2007
Easyjet Experience Portugal, Europe January 08, 2007
Rome, City of... Everything Good Rome, Italy September 25, 2005

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I travel because...
I like seeing how people in different cultures live. I like seeing the geography of the place they call home, tasting the local cuisine and checking out the local landmarks.
I love to travel to...
Italy, Spain and France.
I never forget to pack...
My i-Pod. Can't live without it!
My weirdest travel habit is...
Making playlists especially for wherever I'm traveling to. I will spend hours looking for just the right tunes...
It's my dream to travel to...
Jerusalem, Athens, Prague, Beirut, Cairo, Alexandria, Latvia, Croatia, Montenegro, Moscow, Iran, Nepal, India, Japan
When I'm not traveling...
I'm going to school to study Arabic.