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Age Range: 50-59  |  Joined: February 2003

Indianapolis, Indiana

About Me: Raised as an army brat, I've had the opportunity to live in a wide variety of places and to meet a wide range of people. After stepping out on my own, I found the 3yr military cycle has remained an integral part of my psyche, calling me to relocate, or make some other significant change in my environment, every few years. My urge to travel and experience new things undoubtedly springs from the same rich childhood pattern. Of all the influences in my life, this irrepressible wanderlust has provided me the most joy.

Trip Journals by R. Beau

Name Destination Date Created
'Welcome to Bawlmer, Hon' Baltimore, Maryland February 12, 2003
3 Days in July/The Gettysburg Experience Gettysburg, Pennsylvania February 11, 2003

Reviews by R. Beau

Name Destination Date Written
The Electric Map Gettysburg, Pennsylvania February 20, 2003
George Washington Monument Baltimore, Maryland February 19, 2003
USS Constellation Baltimore, Maryland February 19, 2003
Obrycki's Crab House Baltimore, Maryland February 19, 2003

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I love to travel to...
New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Atlantic City
It's my dream to travel to...
New Orleans, St. Petersburg, Havana, Cairo